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Bringing you. . . .             The Good News of the Coming Kingdom of God                                                                               Go ye therefore unto all the world, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom

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to the Church of God Fellowship Group of Michigan, in affiliation with the Church of God, Ministries International. In this site we will attempt to bring you the truth and understanding of the Bible and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the things which we hope to bring to you are, Our Beliefs, understanding of the Bible, Local contact and events in the work. You will find links to other Church of God, Ministries International sites, sermons, literature and much more.

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Ministers of Record for Michigan

Mr. Bruce Chapman
Phone: (616) 636-9209

Mr. Steve Councell
Phone: (574) 584-2001

Mr. Chuck Hunt
Phone: (517) 581-1624

If you have questions or would like information about us please contact one of the ministers above.